The Squirrelly Nut Gig by J. M. Kessler

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The Squirrelly Nut Gig

By J. M. Kessler

Cover art by Sang Oh


When Davey Pinetail makes an embarrassing mistake at the school concert, he wants nothing more to do with music or singing. Unfortunately, this is the year his parents are taking Davey and his sister to the Squirrelly Nut Gig, an annual jazz festival his parents have been enjoying for years. Unable to wriggle out of it, Davey soon finds himself in the middle of a nutty but totally hip jazz scene - until he ends up in the spotlight once again! But how can he avoid repeating his embarrassing mistake? A lively romp with colorful characters, The Squirrelly Nut Gig is the cat's pajamas!

Ages 8-12

Includes a glossary of jazz-age terminology


3 Short Plays by J. M. Kessler

3 Short Plays

by J. M. Kessler

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